Things that make me :)

  1. Seeing my family. More like my parents. More like hearing their voice at this point. It doesn’t even matter what we talk about, since most of the time it’s mainly pointless. For example, I stared at my phone screen waiting for my mom to vacuum her room. I never thought that those little things that remind me of home are this priceless.
  2. Watching my dog do her mommy’s-home-i’m-so-excited dance after a long day. Never fails. Most of the time she doesn’t even get out of bed though, which still makes me smile.
  3. Talking to my best friend after countless days where I feel socially inadequate. It’s good to know that there’s at least a few people that gets you.
  4. When strangers smile at me. (Or less often, when I smile at them and they smile back.)
  5. When I understand what the doctors are talking about. And yes, by understand I mean 5% of it, at least I understand the words. Probably more like a smile of relief.
  6. A nice hot shower on a cold day. Wonderful.
  7. Getting to know your new friends. Which… I recently realized is through conversations. Clearly, I’m not a big fan of them. But sometimes, when my mood is right, when their mood is right, when the timing is right, the conversations would flow naturally and I don’t feel them as a responsibility to be a more social being.